5 Miths about wool; that you should forget

There are many myths about wool, and many of them people believe to be true. Wool is heavy, all wool itches, wool smells bad … Forget about them forever and don’t give up a natural fiber with incredible properties; we explain why:

Wool is only for winter:

Of course wool keeps you warm when it’s cold, but perhaps what you didn’t know is that it can cool you down when it’s too hot.

Thanks to its temperature regulating properties; you can use wool to warm yourself but also to insulate the moisture and heat that make you sweat. Our pillows are a hit with people who don’t sleep well because they sweat at night, as are the duvets that keep your body at a constant temperature at night; without being cold or too hot.

You know, forget about the myth that wool can only be used during winter.






Wool itches:

You may remember your wool sweaters from when you were a kid; they were itchy and uncomfortable, but wool production has progressed since then and many woolen clothes are no longer itchy. In fact the fine merino wool and the alpaca wool are very soft. It’s also worth noting that wool itches less when it’s hot, therefore, after wearing it for a few minutes, you may no longer have that feeling.

Our duvets are 100% filled with non-itchy merino wool, and being padded with organic satin cotton, what you will notice is exceptional softness.

Wool smells bad:

First; to say that wool is an antibacterial fiber, with which you will see that our duvets and pillows do not smell bad despite use. It is convenient to ventilate them from time to time, but it is not necessary to wash them often, since the wool also keeps mites and dust away. The merino wool that we use has been properly washed with ecological detergents, the result is a noble and clean wool that does not have a pungent smell.

The slight natural smell of the fiber disappears as soon as we have used it, just like any garment that we release for the first time.

Wool is difficult to wash:

Like all natural fibers, wool is a fiber that requires a specific washing, but following the manufacturer’s instructions you will see that it is easier than it seems. The specific washes for wool in the washing machine are designed to take care of your clothes, use a neutral detergent and if you want to wash them by hand never let them soak (and use cold water). Wool is self-cleaning thanks to lanolin; so just like our wool duvets and pillows, you don’t need to wash them often.

And yes, you can also wash all our products in the washing machine; every 3 or 6 months would be enough (read the washing instructions first).

Wool is heavy:

Merino wool is very fine and light; as well as cashmere or alpaca. In the case of our duvets and pillows; the wool is carded so that the fibers are smoothed and a light and fluffy texture similar to cotton clouds is achieved.

In the case of wool garments, the weight will depend on the thickness of the thread but above all on the size of the garment; a wool sweater is not the same as a coat. Forget about the old wool blankets and opt for merino as a light and very warm alternative.






Still not sure? We tell you more about our 100% organic merino wool.

Our products are handmade with wool from farmers that comply with

the highest standards in animal husbandry and care. Before buying

natural wool products, we recommend that you check where these products were made.

The wool used in Pirilana products is pure wool, sorted by hand, with the lowest percentage of short fibers; thus, our duvets and pillows padded with organic cotton are of excellent quality so that they will last you for many years like new.

Pirilana is the result of the work of passionate people who share the same vision: to change the way people perceive and use wool products.






We hope you fall in love with wool like we do, because in addition to its wonderful properties for our health, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, breathable … it is a sustainable fiber. What else?

If you want to know how this fiber can also help you rest better, read this article.

And if you are curious to see our collection you can find it here.

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