La lana de los Pirineus es una mezcla del aire de sus montañas, la hierba de sus prados y el agua de sus rios.

The Wool is made from a mixture of the mountain air, the grass and shrubs of its meadows and the water of its rivers.

Wool is the layer of hair that protects the skin of sheep when they move among prickly bushes.


La lana es la capa de vellón que protege la piel de las ovejas cuando estas se mueven entre arbustos espinosos.

Y así; de modo natural, se crean nuestros edredones de pura lana, únicos para tu descanso.

Pirilana and stop counting sheeps.
  • We are in the ideal time for the spread of colds, but nature; which is very wise has the solution to alleviate your symptoms. Most of us have heard of


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Due to the measures adopted in Spain to stop the contagion of the coronavirus, the next fairs in which we were going to participate have been suspended. We look forward to announcing new dates very soon.

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