How to get our home free of toxins

My toxin-free home

Have you ever thought about the toxic and polluting products you are exposed to inside your home?

We know that today there are over 80,000 chemicals on the market that are not well regulated. Many of them are used in our kitchen utensils, our cleaning products, our hygiene or our cosmetics.

According to Dr. Nicolás Olea, these products present in packaging, cosmetics, textiles and food affect our endocrine system; especially women and children. Some of the most common illnesses are allergies, fertility problems or increased risk of contracting cancer.

Nobody wants to live in a house that is contaminated with harmful chemicals.

But there are steps we can take to clean up our own home environment:

Mantener tu hogar libre de sustancias tóxicas   

  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.
  • Use products free of perfumes and triclosan..
  • Baking soda and vinegar are the greenest cleaners.


Mantener el hogar limpio de sustancias tóxicas 

  • Choose furniture made from sustainable wood without toxic varnishes and natural fibers like cotton, down, and wool.
  • We also recommend wool or felt rugs for their antibacterial properties.



  • Avoid Teflon or any non-stick kitchen utensils as well as aluminum.
  • Bet on glass for tuppers and saucepans, and cast iron for pans.
  • Do not eat foods that are genetically modified or that may contain pesticides, eat organic and km0 foods whenever you can.



  • Make sure your bedding is 95% organic fiber.
  • The healthiest are wool wool, the linen and organic cotton.
  • Pay special attention to the mattress as they contain a lot of chemicals, and we spend many hours on them throughout our lives.
  • Natural latex or wool mattresses are the healthiest.



  • Avoid fragrances present in shampoo, gels, cosmetics …
  • Bet on natural soaps and cosmetics of organic and certified origin.
  • Do not use products with parabens present in body products and makeup.
  • Conventional toothpastes contain micro plastics, look for more natural alternatives or make yours at home, it is very easy.

But remember, it is best not to panic or panic.

These tips only require a little time to think about which healthy and sustainable products we are going to choose.

It is not necessary to spend more, but if we look and understand what we buy.

We spend many hours in our home, let’s make it a relaxing but also healthy experience.

We recommend some documentaries and books that may also interest you:

  • Documental: “In defense of food” de Michael Pollan
  • Book: “Libérate de tóxicos” Dr. Nicolás Olea.

Also de blog “Casa sin tóxicos” offers information and interesting tips.

The website EWG also offers a lot of updated information and guides to protect your health.

And you? Do you recommend a book, documentary or blog on this topic?

Share it with us so that we can all gradually achieve a toxin-free home.

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