Quilt (one piece)

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With the quilt we give you this little bag with lavender.

It is to aromatize when you do not use it.

At the same time it keeps small insects away since they do not like the smell of lavender.


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Filling: Made with 100% Merino Wool

Quilt: 100% organic cotton

Certifications: Merino wool certified OEKO TEX / Natural Cotton certified GOTH


The double quilt is made with 100% sheep wool from the Merino breed and the guilt is 100% cotton.


Because wool from nature contains lanolin, it repels mites, which are mainly responsible for allergic reactions.


The sheep produce wool continuously, it is a natural process and does not harm the animal.


These quilts can last for many years. Ventilate outdoors and do not store it in plastic bags.


Natural (cream).