Double duvet (two pieces)

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Pirilana has a solution for couples with different body temperatures.

We offer you the option of choosing a different comforter thickness that adapts to the needs of each one.

Just find the thickness you need in our table for measures 110 or 120 cm wide.

The two wool duvets are tied together with ribbons and become a single double bed duvet.

What size quilt do you need?

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  • Pirilana products are handmade, this means that you can see a 6% variation in the final sizes.
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Filling: Made with 100% Merino wool

Cover: 100% Cotton Percale


The Dual duvet (two pieces) is made with Merino wool and covers with 100% natural cotton.

The natural lanolin that contains the wool causes it to give off a characteristic fragrance (in time this will disappear)



Wool by nature contains lanolin, this repels mites, which are mainly responsible for allergic reactions.


The sheep produce wool continuously, it is a natural process and does not harm the animal when we take the wool.


These duvet can last for years. Ventilate regularly outdoors and do not store it in plastic bags.



Relationship between the size of the bed and that of the duvet

Model bed size duvet size
Little cot 55 x 85 70 x 100
Cot 70 x 140 100 x 140
Kids bed 70 x 160 120 x 200
Single 80/90/105 x 200 150 x 220
Double 120/135/150 x 200 180/200 x 220
Queen 180 x 200 220/240 x 220
King 200 x 200 240/260 x 220
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