Resolve your doubts about wool duvets

32nd Sheep fair in Llavorsi

On Saturday, we have been presenting the quilts at the sheep fair in LLavorsi, a small village in the Pyrenees.

It was an incredible, sunny day and we have been in very good company.

We have exposed the wool quilts hanging so that people could enjoy their softness and lightness and get an idea of ​​what it would be like to sleep with them.

We also had a sample of a cut quilt, where you could see what the quilt looks like inside.

The truth is that it has been a success. Many people have never seen a wool duvet so light and pleasant to the touch. In the memory of many was the wool mattress, with very good memories of how well they slept, so presenting our duvets and pillows was a surprise.

I leave you a brief summary of the most frequent questions of the visitors:

Can I wash the duvet?

Wool does not need to be washed very frequently, since it is put inside a duvet cover that we wash frequently.

We advise taking it to dry clean once a year and ventilate often in the open air.

Is a wool duvet very hot?

Wool is thermoregulatory, this makes it maintain the temperature of your body. It depends if you are hotter or cold or if you use a thinner or thicker thickness depending on the temperature at which your room is.

Do you sleep better with wool?

Absolutely YES, in addition to being hypoallergenic, breathable, antibacterial, our wool duvets and pillows also have relaxing properties.

Sleeping with wool helps our rest at night, this benefits us during the day.

Finally, the day was a success and we had a great time talking to the visitors.

We thank the organization of this event and the good reception of its people.

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