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After almost two years looking for the way to make a wool quilt here in Spain.

Here where the wool tradition goes back centuries and centuries.

Spain was a great wool merchant until the 18th century, but now we have almost nothing left. This fact has also encouraged us not to abandon our project.

It has not been easy at all, but we believed so much in the value of virgin wool and in our shepherds that we insisted and now we have the result.

We present you our pure ecological wool quilts to stop counting sheep. This wool comes from the cheerful little sheep of our Pyrenees, a product of Km 0.

The wool protects the animals that live in the cold Pallarenses valleys of the Pyrenees during the winter.

We padded this wool by hand with 100% organic cotton to softly fill our duvets, pillows and protectors.

Along this path they have supported us a lot, we have received the selfless help of many people who have provided us with contacts, samples, tests, translations, photos, hospitality and above all with great encouragement.


For all these helps and supports we want to thank you!

And now we are delighted to meet you.

We are very excited that you have read this post today.

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